SnoreRx Is The Best Sleep Buddy

I discovered that I am a snorer during a sleepover party at my friend’s house when I was 15. I was a bit overweight then so I thought that it was normal. However, I’ve lost weight already, but the snoring problem persists.

I asked my mom whether there is anyone in the family who snores. My mom said my dad does but only when he is exhausted from work or when he occasionally drinks alcohol. I told my mom about my predicament and she was so concerned, she brought me to our doctor right away.

My doctor gave me a thorough examination, and the result was perfect. I am completely healthy, and the snoring is just isolated like my dad’s. I am relieved that there was no sickness or anything, but I do not want to keep snoring even if it is just minor, so I researched online and discovered a SnoreRx review written by an ex snorer who claims that this is one of the top-notch snoring mouth pieces .

SnoreRx is a mandibular advancement device (MAD). It gently advances the lower jaw forward to help open our air passage. As we all know, snoring is caused by the vibration of our air passage because our tongue or the soft tissues in our throat are blocking it.

I immediately ordered the product online and gave it a try. I was so amazed at how customizable SnoreRX is. First is by getting the impression of my teeth. It was an easy process. I just soaked the device into the hot water, get a cast of my teeth, and rinse with cold water.

The second way to customize it is by using the built-in calibration function on the sides of the device. I can adjust the level of jaw advancement depending on my preference. The default is at three millimeters, so I used that one on the first night I tried. I set up my recorder so I can know for sure that the product worked.

The next day, I was feeling a little bit sore on my teeth and jaw, but it was tolerable. I was actually expecting it to feel worse, but it was not that bad at all. I also checked my recording, and I did not hear my usual snore.

I kept using the product for two more weeks, and I noticed that it’s not as uncomfortable as before. I guess my mouth adjusted already. I thought I was going to return the product before the trial period ends. But it works great that I do not want to try another. Aside from that, I feel refreshed in the morning when I wake up. Perhaps it is because I did not have a hard time breathing during my sleep.

Cleaning the device is also very easy. I just give it a light brush while I am brushing my teeth and soak it in a dentures cleaning solution. After doing the process, I air dry it before putting in my carry case.

I am really happy and satisfied with SnoreRx. I can’t stop talking about it with my friends. I am sure we all know someone who is suffering from snoring problem, but they can end their suffering by using an anti-snoring device, like the SnoreRx.