My Family Loves Zquiet!

I want to share our experience with the ZQuiet anti-snoring device. A lot of males in my family suffers from snoring. So last Christmas, I bought my dad and my three brothers their very own ZQuiet device.

My dad and my brothers turn to chainsaw at night. I guess it runs in the family, but I am fortunate not to have it. My mom was concerned about the snoring of my dad and brothers, but since the doctor ruled out any pressing illness in the family, she tries not to be bothered about it anymore.

But not me. I still live with my parents, and it is bothersome to hear snores at night. Yes, they snore so loud that I can hear it when I walk our halls leading to my bedroom. I was thinking about their would-be partners in life and the suffering of sleeping with someone who snores. My mother said that she already got used to my father’s snore. But still, she deserves to have a restful sleep.

Ordering online was a breeze. I just needed to answer some questions, especially about dental works. I was sure that my family does not have any dental condition, thanks to our dentist, so I proceeded to order. I got the ZQuiet delivered to our house after six days, just in time for Christmas. It was discreetly packaged, too.

On Christmas day, my dad and my brothers were curious with what I just gave them. They thought it was mouth guards for sports. I had to explain that those were anti-snoring devices. It was meant to pull their jaws out to keep their air passages from vibrating when they sleep. No blocked air passages mean no snoring.

One thing I liked about ZQuiet is it wasn’t fussy. ZQuiet consists of two mouth guards with different settings. My dad and brothers just needed to try which one fits the best. This feature is particularly useful with my brothers because they do not want things that are too complicated to use. Another feature is the living hinge technology. Unlike other mouthpieces that are fixed in one place, ZQuiet is flexible enough to allow the user to talk while wearing it.

My dad was a bit apprehensive, but he tried it together with my brothers that night. It was a major family event because we all slept in our living room just to see if the product will work. I was not worried whether or not it works because I only paid for the shipping. But I feel confident enough because the company would not offer a 30-day trial period only to have their product returned to them, right?

We did not bother to set up a recorder that night because my mom and I were pretty sure to wake up once the snore fest starts. It was already morning when we woke up. My dad even prepared us breakfast. It was a first because my mom never sleeps that long, ever!

We asked our dad if it worked, and he said that he was a bit uncomfortable at first, but he fell asleep with it eventually. My brothers sounded like brand new car, too. They barely made a sound while they were sleeping. My mom and I are so happy with the result of the ZQuiet. My dad and brothers also liked it and decided to keep it.

Anyone with snoring problem should try it. You can take make use of the 30-day trial period. Who knows, it could change your life, too.